The OPS (Off-line Programming Station) is a semi-automatic manipulator for gluing rough diamonds on a dedicated holder. As such, the OPS is the missing link between a diamond planning scanner and the Soenen diamond laser cutting machine (GEM10).With the OPS, the user disposes of a very sharp, 3D image to fully manipulate the diamond.

In a few clicks, the diamond planner marker line allows you to easily specify the diamond’s cutting position. Next, the diamond is automatically leveled and glued onto the holder. All necessary information is collected and placed on a server, ready to be transferred to the GEM10 laser cutting machine.

OPS features

  • Fully automatic diamond leveling in 3D.
  • From rough diamond to completely set-up, gluing and programming 2 minutes.
  • Glue point positioning within two mouse clicks.
  • Fully automatic dispensing of UV cured the glue.
  • Fully automatic gluing on a dedicated diamond holder.
  • Complete cutting data: position, focus point, depth.
  • Automatic identification and reading of code number on a holder.
  • All data and photos are logged in a server database for product process tracking (job card).
  • Very accurate and easy diamond holder plug-in system.(No extra handling or tools required)
  • All measurements are plotted against a visual reference point,eliminating any possible accuracy errors.
  • Measurement and leveling accuracy is better than 20um.
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Levelling the stone

  • Rough diamond leveling according to diamond planner marker line.
  • 2 or more lines can be used to form a leveled plane.
  • Automatic calculation of average plane in case of more than 2 lines.