Feature Headline

  • Sawing and shaping of any model.
  • Optional multi-side sawing.
  • 16 W green laser pulse < 70 nsec @ 9Khz.
  • Stone list editor.
  • Shape editor.
  • Up to 30 CT per hour.
  • A continuous laser power monitoring and automatic power regulation.
  • No machine standstill for job programming: simply put the holder plate in the machine and press start.
  • Fully automatic laser power calibration.
  • Full job logging to a database server.
  • Automatic plate serial number recognition and job data load from the server.
  • No accumulation of mechanical errors thanks to a reference point.
  • No human error possible, due to a unique serial number on the holder and automatic visual recognition.
  • Less than 2% diamond cutting loss, breaking all records in laser cutting.
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The sawing plate

  • The diamonds are fixed onto the sawing plate. Before the sawing job starts, the holder’s number and a reference points are checked. The focus is set on the reference point. All coordinates are relative to the reference hole.
  • Depending on the plate model, 40 or 80 stones can be processed.The holders can be placed into a dedicated holder plate. The plate can then be fixed into the laser sawing machine by means of an easy click-in system. The holder plate has an easy-to-use modular basket system.

Holder recognition in the cutting machine

The holder and the holder plate have been designed for very high accuracy. Nevertheless,errors might occur. The GEM10 machine will find the reference point and performa correction of any remaining error, which makes it very accurate. Thanks to the unique identification code on the holder, the cutting machine will load all information for the job, and eliminate all possible human errors.
Following accuracy errors are eliminated by this system:
  • The accuracy of the spindle on all axes (X, Y, Z) due to a fabrication of the spindle, temperature changes, and many other causes.
  • Squareness of the X/Y axes.
  • Fluctuation in distance between diamond and focus lens.
  • The incorrectness of the table zero positions.
  • The difference in the different holders and or holder plate.
  • Table positioning errors of the mechanical, electrical or another kind.